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Civil constructions

Manor House

  • Investor: Manor House
  • Date: 01/2013 – 11/2013
  • Location: Chlewiska

A clash with historic buildings is an extremely responsible task – both in terms of safety and maintaining the identity of the facility, but also in terms of regulations, which are extremely demanding when working with historical buildings. In Chlewiska, we carried out a thorough renovation of the historic 16th century Manor House. The renovation was necessary because in December 2012 there was a fire, which burned down almost the entire right wing of the palace. The renovation, which began in January 2013, lasted until November 2013. After the renovation, the palace gained 17 hotel rooms, a spacious apartment and banquet and conference rooms. The façade was also renovated and gained a more modern look.
After the renovation in 2013, in accordance with the decision of the Marshal of the Masovian Voivodeship of February 24, 2014, Manor House SPA was classified as a hotel and given the **** category (4 stars).

  • The scope of construction included, among others:
    – Construction of an orangery building with a recreational swimming pool along with a communication link with the existing Manor House hotel complex in Chlewiska,
  • Technical data:
    – building area 488.17 m2,
    – usable area 436.16 m2,
    – total area 477.20 m2,
    – volume 2390.12 m3.
  • Realization value: PLN 1,899,857.00 net.