Think Green

Green Building

The company SKB has the conception of Green Building which promotes ecological and economical approach to construction. As a general contractor of industrial, commercial and residential buildings, we are aware of our responsibility for the impact of buildings on the environment and on the quality of life of their users.

After the best practices we apply our knowledge and experience in the field of green building.  We draw on the opportunities that new technologies offer us. We cooperate with academic institutions in the field of environmental protection and ecohydrology. In cooperation with investors, we coordinate the work of designers, engineers and contractors we execute our mission to reduce the negative impact of buildings on human health and the natural environment.



Objects created in the formula of Green Building, allow a significant reduction in maintenance costs, providing a number of long-term benefits:

less consumption of electricity, heating and water
protect the health of  the users and increases their productivity
reduction of pollution and more efficient management of waste
minimization of environmental degradation

Principles of Green Building are interspersed with the formula used by SKB – Design & Building. In this way we are able to introduce  modern and ecological solutions from the preliminary phases of designing objects.  through theirconstruction, maintenanceand renovation, and demolitionending.

Let’s take care of  the futureof our planet!