SKB offers a key-ready construction of boiler facilities among with a comprehensive support, warranty and post-warranty service.

SKB Energetics due to its professionals and proven sub-contractors produces and offers:


  • stoker fired boilers
  • pulverised fuel hot water boilers
  • pulverised fuel fired boilers with steam drum
  • pulverised fuel fired, once through, steam drum
  • fluidised bed boilers
  • oil and gas fired boilers
  • mixed fuel fired boilers
  • biomass fired or waste incineration boilers
  • sodium recovery boilers

Manufacturing of boilers components

  • pressure parts
  • exhaust and air channels, steel constructions, platforms, supporting parts, etc.
  • rotary heat exchangers

Environmental protection systems

  • flue gas desulphurisation with dry, semi-dry, wet lime method
  • dust removal equipment, including bag filters, cyklonic separators, multi-cyclonic separators
  • selective catalytic removal of nitrogen oxides from flue gas – SCR

In the production we attach a great importance to quality. Quality control department continuously supervises correctness of manufacturing processes, perform process tests, checks and final tests. It prepares certificates of performance with all necessary attachments. This gives to the Customer a guarantee of best execution of his orders. Highly qualified staff with many years of experience provides professional execution of works.

SKB Energetics possesses the necessary powers to produce boilers, boilers components and environmental protection systems:

We offer a number of approved steel bonding technologies:

  • carbon: 135,136,141,111
  • low-alloyed: 135,136,141,111
  • high-alloyed: 135,136,141,111

SKB cooperated with RAFAKO  S.A.  in 2007 – 2012.

This collaboration consisted on:

  • SKB employees were hired at the assembly and production works (including block installation) of boilercomponents (tight screens, coils for water and steam heaters, LUVO construction – including control system, platforms and channels).

The result of 5-years long cooperation with 5 SKB is:

  • In the hall at the Sucharskiego 49 it were produced about 4.5 thousand tonnes of components for water andsteam boilers and for incineration of municipal waste and biomass
  • SKB employees were working at the manufacturing of above mentioned boilers about 200 000 hours.

SKB’s hall in Radomsko

Hala SKB w Radomsku

LUVO production (rotary air heater)


Boiler components



In Jan 2013 SKB established cooperation with BILFINGER BERGER Company (Babcock Borgis Steinmüller), whichspecializes in production of power boilers.

On 23.04.2013, the German company Babcock Borgis Steinmüllers permformed an audit of our company at an angle of cooperation. There were verified: company permissions, the credibility of engineers and managers, technological progress of the work at an angle of structures, pressure vessels, channels. The sequence of the works and their quality were correct. The result of the audit has been positive.