Participation in the economic mission

The SKB participated in an economic mission to Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KAS) and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), on 7-12 December 2013.

The mission was organized by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency SA within the framework of the project “Programme of Economic Promotion of Eastern Poland”, financed by the Operational Programme for Development of Eastern Poland 2007-2013, Action I.4 Promotion and Cooperation, Promotion Component, under an agreement between the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency SA No. POPW.01.04.01-00-001/09 about project financing.

Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski took part in the mission. The meeting with the participation of the President was held on 12 December 2013 in Dubai.

The event was attended by dozens of representatives of Polish companies from the construction, chemical, transport, food industry, as well as companies associated with the production of renewable energy and luxury goods .

The purpose of participation in the mission was to present the Eastern Poland potential and to establish business contacts with foreign partners.

The SKB was represented by the President – Bartłomie Dobosz (pictured far right side).

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