Vocational school for adults at FON-SKB

On 6th of September this year in the Education Center of New Technologies in Lodz Mr. Marshall Witold Stępień and Mr. Sławomir Ddobosz signed a letter of intent to cooperate in starting-up a branch of the Center in Radomsko. Later this year we will begin an admission to the school which will be initiated by FON – SKB, in collaboration with the Lodz Center. The program is aimed at adults who want to acquire, improve or change their professional qualifications. To become a student of the school it is enough to be at least 18 years old and to have a certificate of completion of a minimum secondary school, the tuition itself is free. After completing a two-stage education, graduates will receive a diploma of Mechanical Technician.

Currently we are working on the concept of teaching program and implementation of school tasks. In principle the aim of the teaching program is to prepare participants to perform functions closely related to the specific of the enterprise. This form of teaching is the perfect complement of currently existing education in vocational training and allows to customize the qualifications and skills to labor market needs.

The date of the call will be announced on the website www.fon-skb.pl. Information regarding recruitment can be obtained from the consultation point in Radomsko, at the Krasickiego 63-71 Street or in the FON-SKB building, phone no: +48 44 682 06 00, email: szkola@fon-skb.pl, fon-skb@nowoczesnaszkola.edu.pl