Thermomodernization of the Academy of Social Sciences in Radomsko

On 30.07.2013 SKB signed a contract with the Academy of Social Sciences, based in Lodz, at the Sienkiewicz Street 9 for the implementation of a project titled “Energy management in public buildings of the Academy of Social Sciences in Radomsko”.
Within the task the following works will be executed:
– External wall insulation with polystyrene using ETICS method
– External wall insulation with mineral wool using ETICS method
– Flat roof insulation with granules
– Replacement of windows and doors
– Modernization of the heating system by exchange of the installation including: convection panel heaters, thermostats, valves, wire and cable insulation, circulating pumps
– Modernization of the heat source, installation of two heat pumps, ground heat exchanger, bottom drilling, the heat source
Completion of this task is scheduled for 30.11.2013r