Quality policy

The ultimate goal of SKB’s activity is providing construction services which meet the needs and expectation of our customers.

We offer professional construction services, interesting solutions for new investments and a wide range of reconstruction, modernization and installation works among with manufacturing of metal components of machines according to customers needs.

The required quality of our service is achieved by:

  • Carrying out of works with due diligence, according to the building art, respecting their completion’s deadlines
  • The use of materials with appropriate certificates, approvals and competitive prices, delivered by trusted suppliers
  • Modern equipment, which influences the quality and efficiency of services provided by our stuff
  • The commitment of our employees with high professional level and appropriate competences.
  • Implementation and maintenance of the Quality System allows for good organization of works which gives satisfaction to our Clients and employees
  • Continuous improvement of the quality management system’s effectiveness. Continuous exploring and implementation of new technologies
  • The quality serves to achieve the  strategic goal, which is positive economic result and market competitiveness.